Arkagis Escape is not up for sale yet.

Important: purchase questions not specific to this game are in the main site's questions page, please make sure to check there.

Trial version

It's too easy to quit the game by accident, why didn't you include a yes/no prompt?

We didn't have time yet (as of time of trial version Rev.XW), the menu will ask you if you're sure in the final version.

CD support

Do I need a disc to play?


How do I play in an emulator?

Important note: a BIOS image may be required.

For Kega Fusion: first open Fusion.ini in Notepad, look for the option CartBootEnabled and change it to 1. Now inside Fusion, open the ROM like a normal Mega Drive game, then press Ctrl+B.

For Ares: open the ROM like any Mega Drive game. It will ask you to select a disc image, you can cancel (as a disc isn't required).

Technical aspects

Coming soon.