Year 2612. Humans have started to travel space and colonizing other planets. For decades, the nation of Arkagis has been under the power of a dictator. The United Space Colonies have sent an army to bring down the dictator and free Arkagis.


Soon it became clear that the USC was trying to claim Arkagis for themselves. The USC army became the defacto government, under the rule of their commander, Victor. A group of Arkagian rebels has been developing a new ship in secret to take on the USC…


A space colony in Mars settled about a couple of centuries ago. It has constantly suffered wars over the rich minerals found under its soil, acting as a decoy for powerful nations to take over the resources as its population suffers.

United Space Colonies (USC)

The most powerful country in the 27th century, thanks to their economical and military strength. They pride themselves on "freedom", but in reality they're always meddling in every other country to entrench their own power.



  • Nation: Arkagis
  • Occupation: pilot

One of the Arkagian rebels, assigned to pilot the new ship. She joined the rebels when she was still in her teens back when USC had just taken over Arkagis, hoping to aid taking back the country from them, and did all her training with them. Little is known about her family. She usually acts serious.

Commander Genari

  • Nation: Arkagis
  • Occupation: commander

The commander of the Arkagian rebels, often simply referred to by "Commander" by his subordinates. He used to be a member of the Arkagian military, until he fell out of favor due to disagreements with the former dictatorship shortly before USC took over. He formed the rebel group with hopes to bring Arkagis back under its people's control and establish a better government system. Due to his age, he's had to use a cane to help maintain his balance, but that hasn't prevented him from staying active.


  • Nation: Arkagis
  • Occupation: engineer

Member of the Arkagian rebels, she engineered Lyn's ship and also doubles as its mechanic. Daughter of a military engineer who was friends with Genari, she followed the steps of her dad in her career. Unlike Lyn, she has a more upbeat personality.


  • Nation: USC
  • Occupation: pilot

A pilot from the USC army who loves to handle large mechs. His ego is just as big, and he does not take it well when Lyn shows up with her new ship and teaches him a lesson.

Commander Victor

  • Nation: USC
  • Occupation: commander

The commander of the USC forces in Arkagis. He was in charge of the war that brought down Arkagis' former dictator and now acts as the new defacto ruler of the nation. He claims to be bringing "freedom" to Arkagis when he's doing the exact opposite.