As this is a game where strafing and turning around have separate inputs (instead of holding down a button to strafe), the controls are a bit unconventional. You can always change them from the Controls screen.


As you play you'll receive multiple weapons. To switch between them, pause the game (Start button) and use the D-pad to pick a new weapon. You can also bring up the game's automap this way, to get an idea of where you are and where you're headed.

If you have a 6-button controller, you can use the extra buttons as well:

Keyboard and mouse

Arkagis Revolution is compatible with the Sega Saturn keyboard or Saturn NetLink Keyboard Adapter (you will also need a Saturn to Mega Drive adapter to go with it). You can change the mappings from the Controls screen.

Instructions for building the keyboard adapter. (PDF, 117 KB)
Last updated: 2020-feb-21

Arkagis Revolution is also compatible with the Mega Mouse or Sega Mouse (to use together with a controller or keyboard). Move the mouse sideways to turn around your ship, the mouse buttons also let you perform some of the actions:

Input diagnostics

By pressing the Reset button three times in a row, you can access the Input Diagnostics screen. This screen provides useful information to let you know what the game is seeing in case something you plug in isn't working correctly.

Alternatively, you can download the following ROM which includes only the Input Diagnostics screen:

Input Diagnostics-only ROM (BIN, 40.0 KB)
Last updated: 2020-feb-22