Difficulty bar

Adjust the game's difficulty among five different levels. This affects how aggressive are your opponents, how tough they are and how much damage they deal.

HUD styles

Choose between the "detailed" HUD with a fancy metallic chrome or the "simple" HUD with a flat solid color.

Speedrun mode

Training for a speedrun or simply curious how long you're taking? When this is enabled, the game will show a timer at the top right of the screen telling you for how long you've played.

Speed slider

Figuring out strategies and the game is going too fast? Things suddenly got out of hand and need help in a pinch? You can slow down the game down to 25% speed as you play using this slider. You can set it back to 100% once you're done!

Left-handed controls

You can play with the controller as usual for a right-handed scheme or flip it upside down for a left-handed scheme (with the position of D-pad and buttons swapped).


When you enable this, the ship will be constantly shooting regardless of whether you hold down the shoot button. Perfect if you don't like holding down the button or if your finger hurts for holding it too long and needs a rest.

Turning speed

Tweak to your liking how fast the ship turns around when you press the turn left and right buttons. Change it if the ship turns too fast or too slow for you, or if it causes you motion sickness.