Download trial version (Rev. 00) (BIN, 768 KB)
Last updated: 2020-mar-04

Older releases


Rev. 00 (2020-mar-04)

Rev. WX (2020-feb-21)

Rev. ZW (2019-nov-28)

Rev. YZ (2019-sep-16)

Rev. YX (2019-sep-02)

Rev. XZ (2019-jul-29)

Initial trial version release.


You can download the Arkagis Revolution soundtrack right here! It comes in both VGM and MP3 formats.

Arkagis Revolution soundtrack (VGM) (ZIP, 103 KB)
Last updated: 2020-jul-13

Arkagis Revolution soundtrack (MP3) (ZIP, 21.8 MB)
Last updated: 2020-jul-13

Note: you need a VGM player that supports VGM 1.60

Other downloads

Instructions for building the keyboard adapter. (PDF, 117 KB)
Last updated: 2020-feb-21

Input Diagnostics-only ROM (BIN, 40.0 KB)
Last updated: 2020-feb-22